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Thinking of your Health!

Revital have been supplying high quality and innovative natural health products, health foods and supplements for 20 years. Revital started life as a single health food store in London's Willesden Green. Over the years Revital has grown and expanded to keep up with the demand from our regular customers to provide them with better access to a good, local, and traditional health food store. Now in our twentieth year we are proud to say that we have 15 thriving Revital Health Food Store's and we are still growing!

Revital is an independent company with a mission to care for the wellbeing and health of our customers. We are dedicated to educating our customers on healthy eating, healthy living, and the many different health products, diet foods and supplements that are available in today's modern market. We invest in the knowledge and development of our team through professional in-house training which ensures that our team are dedicated, committed and armed with the most up to date health information possible, and have excellent knowledge about nutrition, healthy living, and the many different health products we supply.

We aim to offer the best and most efficient customer service, by giving you a great choice of products, healthy information, and many ways to shop yourself healthy. So if you prefer shopping in person and browsing the shelves, visit one of our Health Food Stores. Or if you prefer quick and easy internet shopping, with a fast and efficient delivery, browse the pages of product on our website. Or for those who still find the internet a little daunting but don't have the time to visit one of our stores, just call our mail order team on Freephone 0800 252875.

So why not stop by and visit our dedicated team in any of our 15 Revital Health Food Stores to browse the many different brands of supplements, natural skincare, and health food ranges we supply, or to pick up a freshly made natural juice or smoothie from one of our in-store juice bars, call our freephone hotline for fast and efficient mail order, or shop on-line for free UK delivery.

We're here to help you.  Through our years of experience we can offer comprehensive, friendly advice, and help you make healthier lifestyle choices for you and your family.

With Revital you can be sure we are really thinking of your health.


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BioCare Lactase Enzyme (For Lactose Conversion)
BioCare Lactase Enzyme (For Lactose Conversion) 15ml   A liquid lactase formula which can be added to milk...
Solgar Biotin 5000µg
Solgar Biotin 5000µg, 50 Vegetable Capsules Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin that has important metabolic functions as...
5000ug  50Vcaps
Optima Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Digestive Aid Juice
Optima Aloe Pura Aloe Vera Digestive Aid Juice: A unique blend of whole leaf and unfiltered inner gel,...
Solgar Prostate Support
Solgar Gold Specifics Prostate Support Vegetable Capsules. Advanced phytonutrient and mineral formula. Fully reacted Chealates Albion process patent...
Echinaforce Tablets
A.Vogel Echinaforce Tincture Tablets, Echinacea purpurea, treasured by Native Americans for its healing powers, flourished in Switzerland. Original...
SerraEzyme (Serrapeptase) Tablets
SerraEzyme Tablets: SerraEzyme (Serrapeptase) has wide clinical use spanning over twenty-five years throughout Europe and Asia as a...
20000iu  90Tabs
View more
Ivy Thyme Complex Drops
A.Vogel Ivy Thyme Complex is a herbal preparation containing Ivy, the well-known evergreen climber. Ivy has been held...
View more
Nordic Natural Arctic Cod Liver Oil
Nordic Nat Arctic Cod Liver Oil, 8fl oz. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil Lemon -- 8 fl...
Plain  8oz
View more

Revital - with over 20 years of excellence in supplying health foods, supplements and everything you need for your health and wellbeing. Revital is now the UK’s largest independent health product retailer, with 15 thriving stores and more stores opening on the horizon. Revital are a refreshing and different face on the high street with a qualified team of in house practitioners. So why not join us and the millions of others who have found the healthy side of life, and let us help you find a product that will awaken a better you!



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