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Essential Oils

We have a great range of Base/Carrier oils from Absolute Aromas, plus organic essential oils and essential oil blends for almost every need, emotion and ailment. We like Absolute Aromas Relaxation body & bath blend, or try their Romance blend.
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Absolute Aromas Almond Sweet
Absolute Aromas Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus) 150ml is a popular massage oil suitable for any type of...
Absolute Aromas Almond Sweet
Absolute Aromas Almond Sweet also known as Prunus amygdalus, is the most popular massage oil. Suitable for all...
Absolute Aromas Angelica Root
Absolute Aromas Angelica Root 2ml: Angelica Root  is used as a flavouring for liqueurs such as Chartreuse and...
Absolute Aromas Apricot Kernel
Absolute Aromas Apricot Kernel (Prunus armeniaca) Oil 150ml. A fine, moisturising oil that is readily absorbed into the...
Absolute Aromas Argan Oil
 Absolute Aromas Argan Oil 50ml: Argan oil is great for facials and skincare blends. It contains a high...
Absolute Aromas Avocado (Crude)
Absolute Aromas Avocado (Crude):    Avocado crude contains saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins A, B and...
Crude  50ml
Absolute Aromas Avocado (Crude)
Absolute Aromas Avocado (Crude) Carrier/Base Oil (also known as Persea Americana). The crude version of Avocado oil is...
Crude  150ml
Absolute Aromas Avocado (Refined)
Absolute Aromas Refined Avocado Oil (also known as Persea Americana) The crude version is a heavy, sticky oil...
Refined  50ml

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