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With an evidence-based approach to nutrition, our unique omega-3 EPA fish oil and vegetarian health supplements provide natural means of supporting health, encouraging mental and physical fitness for people of all ages.
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Igennus E-EPA 90 - 60 Capsules
Igennus E-EPA 90 - 560 mg 60 Capsules: E-EPA 90 are the purest ethyl-EPA concentrate available without prescription,...
560mg  60Caps
Igennus Echiomega - Echium Seed Oil Capsules
Igennus Echiomega - Echium Seed Oil Capsules  60Capsules: Echiomega Echium Seed Oil (sourced from Echium plantagineum) provides the...
500mg  60Caps
Igennus OmegaFlex Duo
Igennus OmegaFlex Duo 30Caps: Omegaflex DUO is an advanced multi-action formula combining glucosamine & calcium with marine EPA...
Igennus VegEPA Capsules
VegEPA Capsules 500mg 60 Capsules VegEPA Capsules is a patented formulation of completely natural long-chain omega fatty acids....
500mg  60Caps
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Igennus VegEPA E-EPA 70 - 60 Capsules
Igennus VegEPA E-EPA 70 - 500mg 60 Capsules: A patented blend of 70% ethyl-EPA concentrate from marine anchovy...
500mg  60Caps
Igennus VegEPA E-EPA 70 - 60 Orange Chewables
VegEPA E-EPA 70 - 60 Orange Chewables: Without compromising on ingredients or concentration, Igennus have produced Vegepa Chewables...
Orange  60Chew

Revital - with over 20 years of excellence in supplying health foods, supplements and everything you need for your health and wellbeing. Revital is now the UK’s largest independent health product retailer, with 15 thriving stores and more stores opening on the horizon. Revital are a refreshing and different face on the high street with a qualified team of in house practitioners. So why not join us and the millions of others who have found the healthy side of life, and let us help you find a product that will awaken a better you!



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