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Sports Nutrition

Physical activity can be for everyone and anyone from young children through to the elderly. Each of us can incorporate at least some form of exercise into their daily routine. Whether you are just getting started and beginning to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle, or you are a professional athlete, nutrition and hydration are key fundamentals in training. We have a great selection of fitness supplements catered to your individual fitness goal.
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Sweet Sweat Jar
Sweet Sweat Jar 184 gr: With Exercise "Sweet Sweat": • Targets "Slow to Respond" Problem Areas • Substantially...
Biotics Research Whey Protein Isolate
Biotics Research Whey Protein Isolate Excellent supplemental source of protein. Produced using a micro-chilled process, the protein is...
Maximuscle Cyclone
Maximuscle Cyclone, Strawberry, 1200gr. If you're looking for the ultimate 'all in one' formula for supporting muscle, size...
Strawb  1.2Kg
Maximuscle Promax
Maximuscle Promax The UK's No.1 whey protein shake to support lean muscle growth, strength and recovery. Promax contains...
Ck Cream  908gr
Lamberts Whey Protein
Lamberts Whey Protein - Banana Lamberts Banana flavoured Whey Protein is an easily digested, high quality protein, which...
Banana  1Kg
Lamberts L-Glutamine Capsules
Lamberts L-Glutamine 500mg, 90 Caps Glutamine requirements are increased in the body during periods of ill health. In...
500mg  90Caps
Biotics Research IPS (Intestinal Permeability support)
Biotics Research IPS® (Intestinal Permeability Support) Biotics Research IPS® is a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, amino acids,...
-  90Caps
Maximuscle Maxifuel BCAA
Maximuscle Maxifuel BCAA Branched Chain Amino Acids to aid endurance and muscle recovery Maxifuel BCAAs are a high...

Revital - with over 20 years of excellence in supplying health foods, supplements and everything you need for your health and wellbeing. Revital is now the UK’s largest independent health product retailer, with 15 thriving stores and more stores opening on the horizon. Revital are a refreshing and different face on the high street with a qualified team of in house practitioners. So why not join us and the millions of others who have found the healthy side of life, and let us help you find a product that will awaken a better you!



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