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Holidays requests need to be made two weeks before its due, please email HR and your area manager and give notice well in advance.

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Bank of Scotland Current Banknotes
Although the incidence of counterfeiting is relatively low there are still some counterfeit banknotes in circulation. Please familiarise with the security features on the current notes in circulation which we CAN accept. These can be found here.
Each family of notes has its own see through feature. When held up to the light, the clear area of the feature fills in with colour.
The Banknote should feel stiff and crisp, not limp, waxy or shiny.
There is an area of shiny metallic ink which changes colour as you move the note around.
  1. Always compare both sides of a suspect note to one that you know to be genuine. Any difference will become apparent more easily.
  2. If you are still unsure please ask a manager/ staff member to check with you.
  3. If you are happy that you checked and that the note is genuine, then accept the payment.
  4. If you are unsure after all your checks, as a last resort ask the customer to pay with a Bank of ENGLAND note or by card
  5. Apologies to the customer and explain that you are unsure about the Scottish note.
  6. If a manager is present ask them to explain to the customer.