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What are Proteolytic Enzymes? 

At Revital, we have a variety of proteolytic enzymes supplements. Our bodies produce proteolytic enzymes, but we can also consume them by eating certain plant foods or taking supplements. They break down food and digest protein for energy. 

Proteolytic Enzymes Benefits

Proteolytic enzymes have become popular because of their many health benefits. They are important to the functioning of the body. They help with breaking down food for energy in certain foods and supplements. They are also called peptidases, proteases or proteinases and are produced in the pancreas and stomach. 

Proteolytic enzymes benefits include:

• Improving digestion

• Decreasing inflammation,

• Reducing symptoms related to IBS

• Maintaining energy levels,

• Fighting cancer, according to research

• Improving diet

• Essential for immune functionality and vital processes

Popular Proteolytic Enzymes Products 

At Revital, we stock a full list of Proteolytic Enzymes products. 

Allergy Research Nattokinase NSK-SD is purified enzymes from boiled soybeans and bacillus subtilis natto. It supports the general health of the blood and immune system.

Bio-Health Papaya Enzymes is powdered papaya fruit mixed with calcium phosphate which helps ensure efficient enzyme assimilation in the stomach.

Biotics Research Bromelain Plus is a proteolytic enzymes supplement which is beneficial for relieving muscle pain and supports the body's natural anti-inflammatory response.

Enzymedica Repair Gold is a supplement to be used before or after strenuous exercise to help muscles recover and repair.

Buy Proteolytic Enzymes at Revital 

At Revital, our staff are wholly committed to delivering expertise and excellence for our customers. We have been providing health and well-being expertise for 25 years. 

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