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Vivomixx: Live Bacteria Gluten-free Food Supplement

Vivomixx is the most highly researched probiotic ever produced. Probiotics help maintain balance in the gut. 


Benefits of Vivomixx

At Revital, we stock Vivomixx capsules online. The formulation was invented by Claudio De Simone who produced a combination of the best healthy bacteria. Vivomixx treats a variety of conditions, such as IBS and diarrhoea when taken with antibiotics. Vivomixx can help manage diets for those who suffer from chronic inflammatory bowel disease. 


Vivomixx probiotics and supplements has many health benefits, including:

• Protecting the epithelium

• Supporting the immune system

• Improving the health of the digestive system 


Popular Vivomixx Products

Vivomixx is a probiotic powder that contains 8 strains of live bacteria in concentrations of 112 billion bacteria per capsule and 450 billion bacteria per packet. 


Vivomixx 112 Billion contains 112 billion live bacteria per capsule, which is great for regulating gut flora, reducing pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.


Vivomixx 450 Billion has a concentration of 450 billion live bacteria per sachet. It is good for symptoms such as bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. 


Vivomixx Infant drops liquid is designed to supplement the diet of newborns and young children. It helps children who need help managing their diet and suffer from inflammatory bowel disease, or babies’ gut spines. 


Buy Vivomixx Probiotics at Revital

At Revital, we have been providing health and wellbeing expertise for 25 years. Get in touch with us today. We ship orders made over £20 for free.

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