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Natural remedies have been used for many years and have been known to help alleviate a number of health conditions for some people. Many of these remedies are particularly supportive for those who suffer from anxiety and disturbed sleep. Revital have a wide range of herbal remedies available online that can promote better sleep and relieve symptoms of anxiety using natural and organic ingredients.

What herbal remedies should I take?

At Revital we believe in the power of natural remedies. There are a number of ingredients found in herbal remedies that when taken in the right way have been shown to relieve anxiety and promote better sleep. It’s important that you speak to your health practitioner before taking any new supplements, especially if you are already on medication.

Herbal remedies for sleep

Rescue Night is a unique combination of the flower essences of Rock Rose, Impatiens, Clematis, Star of Bethlehem, Cherry Plum (Rescue) with White Chestnut to aid a natural night’s sleep.

Magnesium plays an important role in your nervous system. It helps to activate mechanisms that quiet and calm you and can therefore promote better sleep as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety. It can be found in many herbal remedies in sprays and tablets.


Herbal remedies for anxiety

Ashwagandha is an ancient medicinal herb known for its multiple health benefits, including reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety by calming the nervous system and relaxing the mind.

Bach Flower Remedies offer a range of natural remedies for anxiety. White chestnut can be particularly useful for those with negative mind chatter and can help you relax.

Curcumin is found in many herbal remedies and can both promote a restful night’s sleep as well as relieve symptoms of anxiety. These natural ingredients have been known to lower stress hormones, assist with insomnia and reduce inflammation that could contribute to anxiety.

Why shop online with Revital for your herbal remedies?

At Revital, your health and wellbeing is our priority. Shop online with us today to discover the best herbal remedies to support you in your health journey. We deliver both nationally and internationally with shipping options to suit your needs. To start your Revital health journey today, you can contact us by email or give us a call 0800 252 875 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help you.

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