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At Revital, we have a range of zinc products. Zinc is a nutrient which is beneficial for the body and used to maintain the immune system. You can also find zinc in red meat, chicken and fortified breakfast cereals.

Zinc Benefits

We cannot produce zinc in our body, so we have to take zinc supplements or obtain it from food. Major zinc benefits include:

• Boosting the immune system 

• Accelerating wound healing 

• Reducing the risk of certain age-related disease

• Treats acne

• Decreases inflammation 

• Hair, skin and nails maintenance

• Fertility and reproduction

• Metabolism of vitamin A

• Maintenance of normal bones

• Protection of cells from oxidative stress

Popular Zinc Products 

At Revital, we stock a full range of zinc tablets and zinc supplements.

 Leapfrog Immune is a powerful immune support supplement which contains natural anti-viral active lactoferrin, zinc and vitamin C in chewable form.

Solgar Zinc Picolinate promotes healthy hair and nails, and protects skin from premature aging. These zinc picolinate tablets contain 22mg of zinc in each vegetable capsule.

BioCare Nutrisorb Zinc is a simple water base that can protect skin cells from oxidative stress, and promotes fertility and immunity. 

Biotics Research Zn-Zyme contains 15mg of bioavailable forms of mixed chelates and a large source of zinc.


Buy Zinc Products at Revital 

At Revital, we have been providing health and well-being expertise for 25 years.

We ship orders made over £20 for free, even if it’s overseas, and offer next day delivery if you spend over £100. Alternatively, you can find us at your local UK store. Get in touch with us today through email or phone, and get the products you need.

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