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Experts Share Natural Pamper Routines for Sensitive Skin

Author: Green People

Pampering the skin and scalp with intensely hydrating products is a great way to support delicate skin but how do you look after your skin without running the risk of triggering irritation?

In this post, Green People, experts in sensitive skin since 1997, share their pampering tips for using scent-free beauty products to support a healthy, balanced skin barrier.


Delight in a double cleanse

Using aggressive scrubs and cleansers can irritate sensitive skin but a double cleanse that’s done with care will leave delicate skin feeling fresh, clean and balanced.

If you wear make-up, start your double cleanse with Green People’s Nordic Roots Cranberry Micellar Foam. Scent-free and suitable for all skin types, this natural micellar foam cleanser gently lathers to draw dirt out of the pores whilst attracting make-up and impurities away from the skin. Made without skin-drying ethanol and SLS, it contains a refreshing infusion of juicy Apple Cellular Water which hydrates as you cleanse to leave skin clean and soft.

Once you have completed your first cleanse, sweep away any excess by repeating your cleanse with Green People’s Scent Free Cleanser. Ideal for sensitive skin that feels dry or tight after cleansing, this pH-balanced, organic cream cleanser features calming Calendula, moisturising Shea Butter and Squalene which work in synergy to anchor a comforting seal of moisture into the skin barrier.

Top tip: Hot water can irritate sensitive skin. To avoid irritation, keep the temperature tepid when rinsing cleansing products from the skin.

Tone it down

Toners can feel tight and tingly on the skin and are used to balance the skin’s pH after cleansing. But, if you’re already double cleansing with pH-balanced products, do you really need to tone?

Instead of toning, rebalance the skin by applying a few drops of a pH-balanced serum to freshly cleaned skin, ideally whilst the skin is still slightly damp. We suggest using a hyaluronic serum such as Green People’s Nordic Roots Hyaluronic Booster Serum.

Concentrated with intensely hydrating plant extracts that work in harmony with your natural pH-balance, this features Sodium Hyaluronate which binds with water to hydrates and plump the skin, and Glycerine, a humectant active that helps to protect the skin’s moisture barrier.

Make time for facial massage

Another great way to pamper sensitive skin is with facial massage. This home beauty treat takes moments to do and helps stimulate circulation in the skin to encourage a healthy supply of nutrients and a gorgeous skin glow.

There’s lots of tools that you can use for facial massage and Gua Sha massage tools and Rose Quartz facial rollers are popular choices. Your chosen tool will glide over the skin better if you first create slip using a facial massage oil. We recommend using Green People’s Nordic Roots Marine Facial Oil which is scent free – perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Made with protective Oat Oil, hydrating Seaweed and nourishing Vitamin E, the collagen-boosting actives in this natural unscented facial oil helps to fade fine lines and creates great slip for facial massage. 

Make a scent-free face mask

If you have sensitive skin, you might shy away from using face masks or face peels that feel tight or drying on the skin. To enjoy a pampering face mask without risking sensitivity, try making your own scent-free face mask.

Making a face mask for sensitive skin is easy to do with Green People’s Nordic Root Hyaluronic Booster Serum and Marine Facial Oil.

Using the back of your palm, combine a few drops of each product together and then apply the mixture to your face. Overnight the natural actives will work in synergy to plump, calm and hydrate the skin so that, come morning, skin feels ultra-soft and has a fresh, healthy glow.

Make your own exfoliator

Exfoliation is a must for flaky skin. Not only does this pampering skin treat decongest the skin by releasing dead, dull, cells from the surface but it also makes it much easier for moisturisers and serums to sink in and deliver their hydrating effects.

However, some scrubs and exfoliating acids can feel hash on sensitive skin and exfoliating with large grains is known to cause irritation. That’s why, if you have sensitive skin, exfoliation should be done with great care and should only be done 1-2 times a week.

If face scrubs feel too rough on your skin, you might feel most comfortable making your own face scrub, and this can be done by combining a tablespoon of fine oatmeal with a little mashed banana.

Rich in amino acids, oats help soften the skin and have small grains that will gently exfoliate without irritation.

Have a scent-free soak

Scented bath soaks can be problematic for sensitive skin, but Green People’s Scent Free Shower Gel makes it easy to have a relaxing soak in the tub without the worry of dry, irritated skin.

Made without SLS or skin-drying ethanol, this pH-balanced bath soak blends soothing Marshmallow with hydrating Aloe Vera. To make it foam, Green People uses Coconut-derived Sodium Coco-Sulfate and Yucca, a gentle plant extract that naturally boosts the effectiveness of other foaming agents.

Bathing can slightly alter the pH of the skin so use Green People’s Scent Free Hand & Body Lotion as a pampering post-bath treat. Made with vitamin-rich Shea Butter and barrier-supporting Squalene, this fragrance-free, organic body lotion moisturises sensitive skin with soothing and protective properties from plant extracts.

Indulge with a scent-free hair mask

Delicate scalps can be sensitive to hot water and scented shampoos but that needn’t mean that your hair has to miss out on a weekly hair mask.

An easy way to make a hair mask for sensitive scalps is to apply Green People’s Scent Free Conditioner to the lengths of wet hair, focussing on the ends. Once you have applied the conditioner, wrap the hair in warm towel and wait for 10 minutes while Aloe Vera deeply hydrates the hair and amino acid-rich Quinoa gives proteins to feed in strength and shine.

After 10 minutes, release the towel and then rinse the hair thoroughly using Green People’s SLS-free Scent Free Shampoo for sensitive scalps.

Green People Scent-free

About Green People

Green People was founded by Charlotte Vøhtz in 1997 after her young daughter, Alexandra, experienced skin problems. Experts in sensitive skin, Green People’s range of organic beauty products grew quickly whilst staying true to Charlotte’s principles of preserving the environment during manufacture, never using unsafe ingredients, and never testing on animals.

Green People’s Sensitive range of scent-free products contains plant-based ingredients specially blended to help restore natural balance and nurture the skin barrier. Ultra-gentle, they are suitable for those who may be prone to sensitive skin, eczema, or psoriasis.

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