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Practitioners Terms and Conditions

1. Disclaimer

The information provided by practitioners associated with the Reward Scheme do not reflect the views, opinions or advice of Revital Ltd. If you are currently taking prescription medication and intend to also take nutritional or herbal supplements, you must first check with your G.P. or a specialist health practitioner that the combination of your prescription medication and supplements or natural remedies are suitable. By signing up to the practitioner scheme you confirm to be a qualified practitioner in any therapy.

We do not accept liability for any loss (direct, indirect, or consequential) which may arise from reliance on information provided by Reward Scheme practitioners.

2. Card usage

All Revital cards associated with the Revital Practitioner Reward Scheme remain the property of Revital Ltd and are only to be used by the registered user and no other persons, customers, clients or practitioners. Revital Ltd reserves the right to cancel or amend a practitioners and/or clients card scheme upon confirming a transaction has been processed by an unregistered user.

Cards can be used in any Revital Ltd retail outlet and through the mail order telephone service. Clients may request for their cards to be activated for the online service by contacting Revital Ltd.

3. Discount & Commission structure

20% of each purchase made using a client card is split between the client and their practitioner. The client receives their discount on each individual purchase made whilst the practitioner receives a commission bonus. Only one Discount/Commission structure may be applied to each batch of cards. The practitioner may request additional batches and any bonus structure however Revital Ltd are not obliged to accept any offer and may recommend an amendment. Recommended bonus structures are stated on the practitioner application form. This bonus is paid direct into the practitioner’s bank account via BACS payment. Payments are made the month after they are earnt; if commissions do not reach £5 by payment day, they will not be paid until the following month.

By agreeing to these terms & conditions you understand that we cannot guarantee this payment is made on the same day each month and that payments may be held for over a month before being processed. Discounts do not apply to all items. Practitioners receive a 20% discount off all selected supplements and 10% off selected food items when using their personal purchase card. Clients receive up to 20% off selected supplements and no discount on food items.

* Please note that discounts and commissions do not apply to already discounted items.

4. Data Use and Sales Details

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, practitioner and/or client details stored by Revital Ltd are not disclosed or distributed to other Revital practitioners, clients or third parties. Any person may request a copy of details we hold on them, including contact details, personal sales and commission totals if applicable. Practitioners may request anonymous sales reports of their client’s purchases giving only the date of sale and total amount. We are unable to disclose who made the purchase and what items were sold.

If a practitioner wishes to discern further detailed information we must receive a letter containing written consent from the client specifying precisely what information may be disclosed to their practitioner. By agreeing to these terms and conditions all practitioners given permission by their clients to obtain data also agree to not disclose this information to any other persons or third parties.

Introducing Loyalty Points

Redeem points for rewards from Revital Ltd

£5 voucher
100 points
£10 voucher
200 points
£15 voucher
300 points

Earn points when you complete activities

Make a purchase
1 point per £1
Create an account
25 points
Refer friends
200 points