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What Vitamins are Good for Strong Nails, Healthy Hair & Skin?

There are several key vitamins and nutrients that play a vital role in maintaining strong nails, healthy hair and radiant skin. Biotin (Vitamin B7) is renowned for strengthening nails and promoting hair growth whilst Vitamin C and E are potent antioxidants that protect skin from damage and support collagen production. Zinc also contributes to skin healing and hair strength and Omega-3 fatty acids promote scalp health. Including these vitamins in your diet or as supplements may enhance the health and appearance of your hair, skin and nails.


What Form Do Hair, Skin and Nails Supplements Take?

Hair, skin and nails supplements come in various forms to suit different preferences and lifestyles. These include gummies, tablets, sachets, capsules, powders and specialised hair growth oils, each offering unique benefits and modes of delivery for essential nutrients.


Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies

Gummies provide a fun and tasty way to consume essential nutrients for hair, skin, and nails. They are particularly popular among those who prefer a chewable option over swallowing pills.


Hair, Skin and Nails Tablets

Tablets are a traditional and straightforward form of supplementation that offer convenience and precise dosage.


Hair, Skin and Nails Sachets

Sachets are also a portable and convenient option, ideal for those with active lifestyles. These single-serving packets can be easily added to drinks or foods.


Hair, Skin and Nails Capsules

Capsules provide a simple, discreet, and easy-to-swallow method of taking supplements. They are suited for those seeking a no-fuss approach to nutrient intake.


Hair, Skin and Nails Powders

Powders offer versatility and can be mixed into beverages or foods. This form is suitable for those who prefer to customise their supplement intake.


Hair Growth Oil

Hair growth oils are treatments that nourish the scalp and hair. They are directly applied to promote healthy hair growth and improve hair texture and strength.


Buy Hair, Skin and Nails Vitamins at Revital

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