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At Revital, we offer a wide variety of trace minerals, including plant-based minerals. Trace minerals, also called micro minerals, are needed in small quantities to help our body grow cells and support hormone and enzyme production. Trace minerals are considered critical to the daily functioning of our body.

Trace Minerals Benefits

There’s a long list of trace mineral benefits, which can help improve our health. Trace minerals supplements also have an impact on our physical and mental well-being. Other trace mineral benefits include:

• Hormone production

• Maintenance of internal biochemical reactions

• Support for building enzymes

• Acting as an antioxidant to our body

• Assisting with the growth and development of neurological functions

• And encourage better circulation and a healthy blood system

Trace minerals are important for our health, but we need them in small quantities. Iron, copper, zinc, manganese, iodine, selenium and chromium are a few examples of trace minerals that can be extracted from the environment. 

Popular Trace Minerals Products

We are proud to stock a variety of plant-based trace minerals, trace minerals drops and selenium supplements and vitamins. We also supply iron and chromium supplements.

Higher Nature UltraTrace Trace Mineral Drops, previously called ConcenTrace, is a highly absorbable ionic form with trace minerals.

BioCare Nutrisorb Liquid Trace Minerals is a highly absorbable liquid. It contains trace mineral foods including chromium, selenium, and molybdenum.

Higher Nature UltraTrace Trace Mineral Drops is highly ionic and their trace minerals are from the Great Salt Lake in Utah. 

BioCare Nutrisorb Molybdenum is a bioavailable liquid that includes molybdenum along with vitamin C in a simple purified water base. It’s recommended for those who have difficulty with absorption.

Biotics Research Li-Zyme is a phytochemically bound vegetable culture. Li-Zyme™ supplies lithium as a whole food and is recommended for those who suffer from lithium deficiency.

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At Revital, we have been selling vitamins and supplements for 25 years.

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We guarantee to stock ethical and sustainable ingredients of the highest quality.

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